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Fly Tipping

Fly tipping is expensive, problem – costing nearly £60m of taxpayers’ money to clean up in 2019. Now with the country has been in lockdown, and many Local Authority tips forced to close, fly tipping has spiked”

Fly tipping is an increasing problem throughout the Dartford Borough, both on Council land and privately owned sites. It is generally the landowner’s responsibility to clear up after the irresponsible actions of others, however the DBC views this “environmental crime” extremely seriously and works with the Police and Environment Agency to secure prosecutions whenever possible.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 the fines for fly tipping can be unlimited and any evidence which may help identify those responsible should be passed to the Council as soon as possible.

If you see anyone flytipping please take their car registration and report them to DBC  it will be followed up and action taken.

The Parish Council is aware that there has been comments on social media regarding CCTV. The Parish Council has sought advice from DBC and this is their reply:-

There has been a rise in fly tipping across the whole borough, but the number of cars being abandoned has actually decreased. We have teams out every day clearing dumping and do so as quickly as we can.  Generally we try not to put up lots of no dumping signs as many see these as detrimental to the local amenity. Their benefit is also debatable – we often get dumping around the signs that we do haveAll dumping is checked for evidence before clearance and we do get some intelligence from residents about offenders. We know that Foxhounds, Hook Green Road and Warren Road has become a major problem and my enforcement colleagues are looking at this”

The Parish Council has been advised that dumping is very random and the benefits of installing CCTV in a rural community has not been proven to work in obtaining more convictions, it is not sustainable or is it acceptable to some residents and is very expensive to purchase and manage. The best thing residents can do is to report offenders to DBC in as much detail as possible, along with reporting incidents accurately to them for clearance.

The Pepperhill Waste Unit  is accessible by booking a slot only. 

Book a DBC bulky Waste on collection 

Thank you for reporting incidents of flytipping and we would also like to take this opportunity to thank residents who pick up litter in the parish on a daily basis, it all helps to keep our parish clean and tidy. If anyone would like to volunteer, please contact the Clerk and we can arrange equipment.