Noreen Salway

Noreen was involved in many aspects of the of the village and community projects and a long-standing supporter of protecting the Green Belt and enhancing the environment.

Noreen’s total commitment and dedication to the Council’s work and the welfare of our residents has no limits over the years. She has herself carried out a huge amount of the tasks required to maintain and improve our parish– from planting the daffodils that bloom every Spring,  planting trees, commenting on planning consultations to avoid over development, suggesting a neighbourhood Parish Council bus group to improve bus services, campaigned against disruption due to CTRL, and the London Resort and many other schemes that could disrupt the parish.

Noreen has recognised the need for growth but has balanced that against a commitment to ensure that the character and appeal of our villages and countryside remain.

Everyone in Southfleet and Betsham owes Noreen a huge debt of gratitude and our very best wishes go out to her for her retirement – although knowing Noreen we are sure she won’t be able to resist offering help and words of wisdom for many years to come!

Thank you Noreen!