This charity was set up in 1956 when the Parish Council received monies from the Charity Commission from the sale of Memorial Cottage. SMF is not related in any way to the Board of Trustees formed in 1921, whose purpose was to manage Memorial Cottage when it was home to the District Nurse, and which wound up circa 1949 when the cottage was sold off to KCC.

The charity was created in November 1956 as per the first minute book with the title Southfleet Sick Poor Fund. The name was changed to Southfleet Memorial Fund in the 1990’s.

The activities of the fund are in strict confidence between Trustees and in compliance with GDPR.

The Fund Trustees are: Pauline Tester 01474 833188 David Owen: 01474 834212,  Noreen Salway: 01474 833622 and Brian Rippington