The Parish Council has been in communication with Thames Water for the past 2 years with concerns of the amount of leaks and subsequent road closures in the parish.

Thames Water Customer services department  has been in touch and confirm the following:-

Southfleet parish has been referred to the Thames Water strategic Department for investigation. Due to water supplied direct from a pumping station, the water pressure cannot be reduced as it will affect higher properties in the parish.

The Fire hydrant in Hook Green Road has been replaced. When this fails it causes air to fill the pipes and the water pressure increases leading to multiple leaks.

Southfleet is now on a hot spot list to attend emergency leaks and reinstate the road as soon as possible. TW may consider replacing pipes, but this could be a major job and would cause major disruption, especially in Dale Road. On balance, TW have decided it is best to deal with the leaks, rather than replace the pipework system. They will make sure roads are opened asap.

If you have any complaints about water leaks, please contact Thames Water direct on 0800 316 9800